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Connect & Network With Local Clubs

Our association is full of good, honest instructors and clubs that stretch the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Unlike alot of traditional associations that only promote association-branded meet ups and socials (at an expense to you and a profit to us), instead we’re incredibly keen to promote healthy, organic relationships between our local members.

Make the most of your membership by exploring clubs close to you and collaborating to set up focus groups, instructor training opportunities, seminars, friendly joint-classes and more. You’re free to do so without any interference from us.

Talk, Share & Problem Solve

Connecting with local clubs is a great way to talk about local pressures, share ideas for growth and to solve problems with other local instructors, or local issues. You can talk instructor to instructor – privately or publicly – using Club.BMABA or you can create a group and invite a number of local instructors to talk in one secure place.

Meet Up And Train As Instructors

It’s hard to find places you – as an instructor – can go and develop as a martial artist. There’s a lot of politics, the worry of who’s who and what people might think. All things aside, it’s important for your own development as well as your CPD. Creating regular or occasional training sessions with local instructors is a great way to broaden your skills, refine your coaching techniques, sharpen up on your own martial arts and pick up some new techniques for your next class.

Create Local Tournaments & Events

We all know the hunger students have to try out their techniques in a safe, professional tournament. Sadly there aren’t many about – so why not create your own inter-club tournament or local event? Connect with local instructors to arrange opportunities for your students to meet up, train and compete.

Create Online Shared Groups

Even if you don’t intend to meet up face to face, having an online relationship with other local clubs will help make your local market a more friendly and cohesive place to teach. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with instructors like you, without worrying about random third parties looking in on your conversations. You can make a private or public group from within Club.BMABA to invite local instructors to join – and no students will ever be able to gain access.

Join our politics free association to gain access to an interactive club finder where you can contact other BMABA members near you.

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