We’re a truly different martial arts national body.

We know. You’ve heard that before.

Since we began representing clubs and instructors in 2012 we’ve felt a constantly recurring feeling from instructors and clubs towards associations and governing bodies; that we’re all the same.

Alot of other UK martial arts organisations are very quick to encourage speculative members to join them but once in, the red tape, politics and who’s who is quick to tie members in to sticking solely with their body year in and year out.

We openly recommend & actively encourage each & every member to take the time to explore what we have to offer & what other associations have to offer, so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you & your club.

We’re leading a campaign for change in our industry. We’re focused on remaining transparenthonestprofessional with no politicsno egos and no who’s-who.

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6 Ways We’re Different To Other Martial Arts Organisations


We’re Open & Honest About Income, Spending & Who Earns What.

We’ve all been there. Membership fees go up and you seem to be spending more money than ever keeping your club running, yet your association doesn’t seem to give you anything more back year on year.

We’re really keen to show the martial arts community we’re truly different, and driven by ethical business practice. Whilst we don’t receive a penny of funding from third parties and have to rely upon our own commercial model to remain financially solvent, we’re  open about incomings, outgoings and earnings.

We’ve made the commitment to publish where our money comes from and how it’s spent. No hiding away or extorting large sums of cash. We’ll be as honest and transparent as possible about how we earn our income, where it’s spent and who gets paid what.


We Take Our Responsibilities Seriously

As a national governing organisation for our members, we’re fully committed to the responsibility upon us as an association.

This includes our responsibility to safeguard, to promote martial arts participation and to look after each and every instructor under our banner.

We know some associations still treat members like they should be grateful to be a part of their organisation. We don’t think that’s right and instead take our responsibilities as a great honour, having had the opportunity to represent you, your club and your interests.


We’re Led By Our Members, And A Voluntary Committee


No more rich board members and executives deciding where funding goes and which direction the association travels. We’re proud to give our members a voice, and to run with the wishes and collective aims of our community.

Everybody is equal within the BMABA – from first time instructors through to seasoned multi-venued clubs. Everyone has something to offer and a voice to be heard.

We’re led by a collective voluntary committee who helps ensure we remain true to our ethics and goals, and who represent members at national level should they feel their views, voice or opinion isn’t being heard.

A democratic, community led organisation powered by martial artists for martial artists.

We’re Fiercely Politics Free & Truly Independent

No more squabbling about who’s who. No more power struggles at the top and no more hiding behind shady alliances with other organisations at national and international level.

How can we guarantee this? It’s in our public constitution and association charter, and we’re held to account by our members and voluntary committee on all levels.

We’re proud to never be tied up in politics or in-fighting, nor are we blindsighted by who’s the highest ranked instructor or who has the most cash. Fair, universal and community led – just the way it should be.

Modern, Unique & Ran With 21st Century Principles


No more doing things just because it’s done that way. No more sitting around, acting like you owe us something for nothing.

We’re a modern organisation with modern values, and we understand who’s important in this relationship. Proud to be representing each and every member we have on board, we invest in making sure what we offer is 21st century and cutting edge.

Enjoy access to the industry’s most up to date services, tools and I.T infrastructure, along with a growing online community and range of digital resources – in addition to the time-honoured traditions and on-site experiences that associations usually rely upon.

Everything You’ll Ever Need For Your Club In One Place. Answerable To You.


It seems silly to take out membership in one place, insurance in another, equipment in yet another, printing in, again, another place and so on.

Enjoy access to everything you and your club could ever need – from insurance, qualifications, training and seminars through to equipment, web hosting, printing and more. All in one place, all from one trusted provider.

More so than that, you can rest assured that we’re answerable to you, and if we mess up we’ll make it right.


A very friendly and welcoming association which allows instructors full freedom over running their club politics free.

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