We’re One Of The UK’s Leading Politics Free,
Independent Martial Arts & Boxing Associations

The BMABA (British Martial Arts & Boxing Association) is one of the UK’s leading multi-style, independent associations for martial arts and combat instructors, clubs, senseis & coaches.

We’re politics free, completely independent, community led and fiercely committed to the development of our industry, leading the way for change and a modern martial arts industry.

On the whole our members would recommend our association to another instructor, club or professional.

Some of our membership benefits at a glance;

    • Access to student, instructor & event insurance
    • Instructor, club, syllabus & grade licensing
    • Martial Arts certification & qualifications
    • A free club website
    • Freedom to run your club your own way
    • Grading certificates & documents
    • Custom clothing & printing
    • DBS checks & first aid guidance
    • Child protection & safeguarding help
    • Business support
    • Club listings & advertisements
    • Networking & workshops
    • Plus loads more

    Membership & Specialist Insurance

    From Just £6.00 Per Month Or £60.00 Per Year

    Gain access to a range of exclusive BMABA membership features, such as a free club website, documents and forms, access to seminars and courses plus more alongside our stunning membership certification and specialist instructor insurance. Cover is available in more than 180+ disciplines and styles, and can include a wide range of weapons at no additional cost.

    Available on pay monthly or annually.

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    British Martial Arts & Boxing Association

    What Does BMABA Membership Include?

    We don’t believe in charging you the earth for a signed piece of paper and nothing more. Our membership is based on offering you as an instructor or club owner absolutely everything you could possibly need, all under one roof.

    From licensing & insurance through to business support and a community. Free websites and hosting through to certification and club listings. It’s all available with a single price tag and membership to our Association. We work hard to provide what is arguably the most comprehensive martial arts association membership package available anywhere in the world.



    Just A Few Membership Features  

    *Note that membership features may vary by membership type, please check what’s included in a particular package when joining.

    Instructor Certification & Licensing

    Beautiful & professional instructor, coach & sensei documentation that’s checkable in live time from anywhere in the world.

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    Student Insurance & Licensing

    Member to member student insurance, licensing, grade recognition, student resources at some of the industry’s best prices.

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    Martial Arts Instructor Insurance

    Access a tailor made, specialist martial arts instructor insurance policy served directly by the BMABA.

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    Event & Tournament Insurance

    Access public liability insurance for martial arts events at some of the UK’s best prices to help protect your tournament, course or seminar.

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    Professional Networking & Community

    Connect, share & network with other professional instructors, clubs and senseis both locally & around the world.

    Club & Business Support

    Get help finding new members, managing finances, keeping up with regulation & more with our dedicated business support designed to help clubs of all sizes.

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    Blank Documents & Forms

    Save time & money with professionally designed documents & forms for a range of club and business needs. Professional, branded or white-label.

    Equipment & Custom Printed Clothing

    From custom printed t-shirts & hoodies through to mitts, gloves, PPE & first aid kits; we’ve got it covered at fantastic trade prices.

    Free Club Website

    Get your club online, accept payments, connect with more students & more with a completely free BMABA club website! No coding or design skills needed.

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    Guidance, Support & Framework

    Our professional organisation is helping to develop a range of frameworks, regulatory guidelines & safety provisions.

    Blank Grading Certificates

    Enjoy a range of professionally designed student grading certificates for use in your club. Printed & digital versions available.

    Industry Leading Member’s Area

    Enjoy the industry’s best secure member’s only area reserved exclusively for professional BMABA members and available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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    National Support & Representation

    Enjoy representation from one of the UK’s leading organisations for martial arts clubs, professional instructors & their students.

    Plus Loads More!

    Enjoy many more premium membership benefits exclusively available to members of the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association. Explore our website to see some of these features.

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    A leading, purpose built instructor’s area

    This isn’t just another tacky, poorly constructed page with a password. This is a custom made, purpose built industry leading member’s area just for our instructors and clubs. Access a range of membership features – like documents and forms, a free club website, guidance and policy, club directory listings, custom equipment and more from a secure, member’s only area.

    Not only that, you’ll have your own profile with private messaging and a range of custom features so you can create public and private groups, get to know your fellow local clubs better and post in our forums – plus a tonne more.

    All included free of charge with every membership.

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    Specialist Insurance For Instructor, Students & Events

    From standard public liability and professional indemnity through to specialist weapon cover and fight night insurance – we hold a specialist group cover policy that allows us to offer instructor, student and event insurance at some of the UK’s best prices. Better still, you can be sure we’ve negotiated cover with you in mind, and that we’ve ensured our broker & insurer is fully aware of exactly what risks they’re insuring.

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    Stunning Instructor Certification & Licensing

    From individual memberships through to club licensing, enjoy digital and printed certification that is recognised around the world for the quality and trusted name of the BMABA.

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    Looking For Some Specialist Support?

    Whether you’re writing your own syllabus or switching from another association in which you’re well-tied into, we’re able to offer confidential, specialist support to instructors and clubs from more than 180+ disciplines and styles.

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    Student Insurance, Membership & Licensing

    From Just £4 Per Student, Per Year

    Our student insurance, membership & licensing allows you to register as many or as fewer students as you please. Enjoy recognised member to member insurance, full student membership, complete student licensing, grade recognition, student support services, student analytics report, live online student registrations and loads more as standard. Available for free with all memberships.

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    Everything You’ll
    Ever Need.

    Just One Membership.

    Our association provides everything your club will ever need under just one roof. From a politics free, professional community and association to represent you and your students, through to marketing and business, a free club website, insurance, licensing, certification, training, qualifications and more.

    All available under just one membership, available completely free.

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    A Politics Free Organisation That Finally Understands What You Need

    We’re founded by instructors for instructors. It’s not just about providing affordable instructor insurance or access to DBS checks. It’s not just about helping you make more money through your teaching or access leading qualifications.

    We understand it’s about helping you do what you love, in a politics free environment. It’s about being free to run your club your way, but with the guidance of a national organisation.

    We’re truly different to other organisations.

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    The UK’s Leading Politics Free
    Multi-Styled Martial Arts Association

    • We don’t interfere with the way you run your club. It’s yours and should remain that way.
    • We offer recognised certification that’s linked to a national database.
    • We offer excellent value for money with services & membership features worth hundreds of pounds rolled into a single membership fee.
    • We believe in representing our members and their interests.
    • We’re not interesting in name-throwing or boasting – just honest work and good ethics.
    • We pride ourselves in being transparent, professional & straight forwards.

    With the BMABA you’re free to;

    • Grade students independently as you please
    • Control your clubs direction and the syllabuses taught
    • Remain a member of style-specific Associations and follow the criteria set by them
    • Develop & grow as an individual and professional as you see fit
    With the UK’s best support, guidance, membership resources, licensing, network, community and more right behind you – all for a single annual membership fee.

    Want To Switch Associations?

    Despite the scare-tactics employed some of the more controlling organisations, the BMABA has everything on hand to help you and your club switch associations easily and without hassle.

    From insurances, licensing and grade recognition through to extras like a club website, grading certificates and press releases – we can help ensure everything – or nothing – is ready to switch when you choose to join us. No politics, no squabbling. Just by your side, as it should be.

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    Join Us Online 100% Free Of Charge

    The UK’s Most Exclusive Martial Arts Association, Reserved Just For Professional Instructors Serious About What They Do