We’re experienced in helping clubs and instructors of all sizes move from controlling associations, to enjoy professional membership that will help their club grow and prosper without the politics or squabbling. 

Speak with us without obligation and in complete confidence for impartial advice.

We understand that alot of instructors and clubs are loyal to their association – and we think that’s great. Unfortunately there comes a point where sometimes you feel a change of direction might really help your club progress, and we’re here to help.

Switching associations can be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve been with your current body for many years, and learnt how to run your club in line with their guidelines and requirements.

As a politics free, independent martial arts association representing the interests of hundreds of clubs and thousands of members across the UK we’ve learnt a thing or two about helping clubs ‘off-load’ from their current body and ‘on-board’ with our NGB with as little confusion, fuss or down time as possible.

What’s more, we’re on hand to help you along every step of the way.

BMABA Membership

What Can Our
Association Provide?

We’re proud to be able to supply our members with a broad range of services and products to help you manage all your responsibilities in one place. 

  • Access to specialist instructor insurance.
  • Student insurance, membership and licensing
  • Dozens of services and tools to help you run a successful business.
  • Expert guidance and access to the industry’s best regulation.

  • DBS checks, specialist safeguarding held, online safeguarding and training and a dedicated officer.
  • Discounted first aid training and online e-courses.
  • Tools & services to help with club administration.
  • Licensing, insurances and resources, including a free club website.


4 Reasons To Talk To Us
About Switching Associations

Completely Confidential 

We know it’s a sensitive topic, especially if your current organisation is controlling or restrictive. We can offer any discussions in complete confidence and without obligation for your peace of mind. You can find out if we’re right for you and make your own informed decision, without any pressure.

Co-Ordinated On-Boarding

We know how worrying the idea of having insurances, licenses, grades and other administrative items between different organisations can be. We can offer a tailored ‘on-boarding’ process to ensure everything switches to us at the right time, at no extra charge.

Forward Thinking Organisation

We run our organisation as an ethical business, focused on customer service. Every member has a vote and a voice, and we’re determined to continue being one of the most forward thinking organisations anywhere in the martial arts industry.

Completely Honest & Open Advice

We don’t want you to join us, only to be disappointed with the service or available tools. Because associations only work when everyone pulls in the same direction we’ll offer you honest, open and straight forward guidance on whether or not we can do as you require. Simple, just as it should be.

Big Or Small. Easy Or Complex.

Whether you require specialist support moving multiple insurances and students from your current provider, or just some simple reassurances about how we operate or the services we provide, the BMABA won’t promise to be the best fit for you and your club without being tested – instead we’ll let you get to know us and our ethics better, and then make your own informed decision.

No pressure, no hassle, no politics. Just a simple, informed answer from somebody who can offer you all the insight you need. Register your interest below and we’ll be in touch shortly with further information.

Let’s Start A Dialogue.
There is absolutely no obligation to commit to anything, and there is no pressure from us to switch organisations. We’ll talk you through your options, help you make the right decision for your club and, if you’d like to join us, we’ll help you make the move.
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