Dedicated Business Support For
Your Martial Arts Club

Guides, Tutorials, Tips & Discussions On All Matters Relating To Starting, Building & Maintaining A Healthy Club & Business, Including I.T Support & Guides For Your Website

Business support and club guidance including assistance setting up, building and running your club (and all aspects contained within) is included free of charge with all BMABA Premium Memberships. Free members will also enjoy access to some of our business support services.
We’re the first UK martial arts association to offer dedicated business support, tutorials, guides and advice to our martial arts instructors and clubs.

Club & Business Start Up Advice

Our business support helps you start a club for the first time, helping you look at regulation, licensing, obligations, law, marketing, business structure and loads more to help you launch your first club.

Help Building Up A Smaller Club

Part of our martial arts club guidance extends to helping you build up your club, looking at new ways to gain new students, ways to improve what you already do and better practice to help your club expand.

Guidance To Running A Successful Club

Our business and club support will also help you run a successful club, dealing with issues like accounting, finances, purchases, student memberships and retention plus so much more, helping your club remain healthy and constantly grow.

Support Growing Into A Larger Club

BMABA Martial Arts business and club support also helps clubs evolve into larger clubs – working at different locations or dealing with employees, full time dojo’s and a larger number of students, considering everything from your legal obligations through to the best marketing practice.


We care about your club.

From single instructors through to full time dojos,
start ups through to national brands.

Whether it’s just you and a plan to start up your first club or yourself, a series of instructors & assistant instructors, several venues and hundreds of students – our business support and club guidance service is designed to offer the best practical advice to help you out, no matter what path you may be on or what point you may be at – from instructor’s not yet teaching through to those with a decades experience and several schools across the UK, our Association has the tools, resources and commitment to help you succeed on and off the mats.


Help Getting Started

We know how hard it can be to break-through when you first think about getting started and whether it’s just an idea or something you’re dead-set on doing, we will help you along every step of the way.

Small & Medium Sized Clubs

Our business support helps you tackle the most important things to you and your business. Financing, money, memberships, insurance, licensing, student retention, advertising and so much more – all rolled into a single resource.

All The Extras

From licensing through to getting your club online. From cash on the night through to direct debiting. Registering your business, managing your books, looking after members, data protection, databases, IT, customer relations, marketing and so much more. All for a single price tag.

Enjoy a constantly expanding section dedicated towards helping you run your business and manage your IT. From websites through to venues, licensing through to marketing, finances through to public relations – learn how to run an effective, professional club that brings in new students and helps you quit your day job & make martial arts your full time profession.

If you run a club you have a business. BMABA Club & Business support helps with everything from first-time start-ups through to seasoned multi-venued schools. Licensing through to insurance, finances through to marketing.

Everything You’ll
Ever Need.

Just One Membership.

Our association provides everything your club will ever need under just one roof. From a politics free, professional community and association to represent you and your students, through to marketing and business, a free club website, insurance, licensing, certification, training, qualifications and more.

All available under just one membership, available completely free.

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