Martial Arts DBS Checks &
Safeguarding Qualifications 

Where relevant and eligible, if working with children and/or with adults at risk, you will need a DBS Check and specialist safeguarding training.

We can provide eligible persons with enhanced DBS checks directly through our recognised Safeguarding Provider to cover their martial arts DBS check requirements. We can also provide specialist and discounted safeguarding e-learning.

As part of our martial arts DBS service we offer free assistance to our members who may need support in managing the information held on DBS checks of their staff and volunteers, as well as help understanding how you as an instructor should be DBS checked.

What Do BMABA Martial Arts DBS Checks Cost?

You’ll be pleased to know we don’t profit in any way from you when taking out any DBS check or completing any safeguarding qualifications. Unlike other associations, we don’t place ourselves as the ‘middleman’ and charge you inflated admin fees. The costs below are provided directly from the DBS check provider.

Currently, there are two types of Martial Arts Instructor DBS Checks. These are an enhanced disclosure and a standard disclosure. Neither are specific to martial arts – both are universal. For a vast majority of those who will require a DBS check, the enhanced disclosure will apply.

Type Of Check Cost
For ‘Paid Employees’
Standard Disclosure £38.00
Enhanced Disclosure £56.00
For ‘Volunteers’
Standard Disclosure £12.00
Enhanced Disclosure £12.00

*Prices correct as of April 17

Our current guidelines are that DBS checks will be considered valid for 3 years, provided no adverse information is received or concerns raised in the interim. Applicant’s may also choose to join the DBS Update scheme which is free for volunteers and £13 a year for employed staff, in which case we will not require you to keep making checks every three years.

*the DBS define eligible volunteer positions as: “Any person engaged in an activity which involves spending time, unpaid (except for travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenses), doing something which aims to benefit some third party and not a close relative.

Meaning that the volunteer must not benefit directly from the position the DBS application is being submitted for. Any role that involves the following is considered to be a ‘paid’ position:

  • benefiting directly from the position for which the DBS application is being submitted
  • receiving any payment (except for travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenses)
  • being on a work placement
  • being on a course that requires them to do this job role
  • being in a trainee position that will lead to a full time role/qualification

As an instructor you must make the appropriate decision as to whether or not yourself, or any member of your teaching staff, qualify for a volunteer check. For a majority of instructors who charge a fee for classes, this will be deemed as an ’employee’ role and a full price must be paid. It is an offence to use a volunteer application for a paid position.

How Does The BMABA DBS Checking Process Work?

We don’t provide the DBS checks directly ourselves. This is because we don’t wish to be the ‘middleman’ and charge you un-necessary admin fees like so many other associations do for very little work.

Instead, we’ve signed an agreement with a licensed DBS check provider to handle all DBS check applications directly on our behalf. This doesn’t cost you any more – infact, it saves you money as we don’t need to charge any handling fees. It also helps speed the process up as you’re dealing directly with the DBS providers who can answer any questions you might have immediately, rather than you waiting for us to pass your questions along to the provider and then have to await an answer.

You can only apply for a BMABA DBS check when you’re a registered BMABA member. Once you’re registered, here’s how the process works;

Process Overview

  1. Our DBS provider offers a paper based DBS service. Our instructors can order DBS checks from the provider via email, phone or online through their website. An invoice will be generated at the point of order with payment required within 30 days of the invoice date.
    • When placing the order,  instructors quote the organisation name (BMABA or British Martial Arts & Boxing Association) to avoid delay.
  2. Once the order has been received, the provider will post the required number of application forms out to be passed on to the applicant to complete.
  3. The applicant completes the form and returns it to the DBS provider with the required ID.
  4. The provider returns the applicant’s ID the same working day by recorded mail that it’s received and they process the applications form themselves within two working days of receipt. They will let you know at this point if there is anything further required.
  5. If all is well, the provider countersign the application and forward it to the DBS who will complete the process and issue a DBS certificate to your home address.
  6. You must then present your original certificate to our association for ratification.

You’ll need to be a BMABA registered member in order to use our martial arts DBS checks.

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Common Martial Arts DBS Check FAQ’s

Do I Already Need A DBS Check In Order To Join Your Association?

No, not necessary – but it does depend.

You must hold an enhanced disclosure if you work with children or vulnerable adults. That includes a vast majority of martial arts instructors.

Whilst it’s a condition to receiving an instructor’s license that you must hold an enhanced disclosure to teach children (anyone under the age of 18) or vulnerable adults you DO NOT have to already have this when joining us.

We’re here to help you get up to speed in respect of your professional teaching. Whilst you must hold the relevant DBS checks to teach vulnerable adults and children, whether or not you’re a BMABA member, we don’t request proof of DBS checks at the point of registration.

Do DBS Checks Expire?

Technically no, but yes.

Although there is no expiry date on a DBS check it’s generally expected that DBS checks become outdated within 3 years of issue. This is because your criminal record could change within this time frame.

As an association representing some of the most professional instructors in the UK we insist that all of our members have a valid check completed every 3 years, unless you are on the update service. More information on this can be provided directly by our safeguarding and Umbrella DBS nominated provider.

Do I Need A DBS Check To Teach Martial Arts?

This depends. Whilst this varies from organisation to organisation, with some associations offering shocking levels of safeguarding, we’re serious about helping you be a professional instructor.

If you’re working with children (anyone under the age of 18) or adults at risk we’ll insist you hold an enhanced disclosure, in line with the law.

If you’re not working with this group and are instead working with just adults you might not need a check. Our allocated safeguarding provider will be able to assistance further here once you’re a member.

What Is A DBS Check And What Does It Search For?

A DBS check will check an applicant’s details against a series of police databases and criminal records, such as the sexual offenders register. Depending on the check conducted, it will relay information regarding any criminal convictions, prosecutions, cautions or other offences you’ve been convicted for.

Are DBS Checks Different To CRB Checks?

DBS checks are the new name for CRB checks.

Can I Join The BMABA If I Have A Criminal Record?

It’s possible, but it does depend. Please see our eligibility guidelines for further information. We do not discriminate against any applications on the basis of criminal records or convictions and, accordingly, only refuse membership applications where we feel it is appropriate in the interest of safeguarding and protecting our members.

We’re not dedicated experts on DBS matters, so instead of pretending to be and offering you information that isn’t properly informed we’ll refer you to our nominated Umbrella DBS check provider directly, so they can answer any questions you might have with up to date information and advice.

You’ll need to be a BMABA registered member in order to use our martial arts DBS checks.

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Discounted Safeguarding Qualifications & Training For Martial Arts 

It’s critically important you’re able to safeguard your young or vulnerable members. Safeguarding is about identifying risks, knowing how to handle victims of abuse and understanding how to escalate and report to prevent further harm.

We’re able to provide access to an accredited online safeguarding course that usually retails at £27.99 for just £9.80 (a massive 65% discount) exclusively to our paying members.

This online course is essential for all those who work or volunteer directly with children, young people or their families. Compliant with the latest legislation, government guidance and with direct links to your local Safeguarding Children Board, this course covers everything workers need to know about what might concern them, how to respond to concerns appropriately and consider safer working practice. The course also meets the training requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC),  and Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).

Online Safeguarding Children Course Content

This general course covers

  • Legislation and guidance on safeguarding children
  • The recognition and types of child abuse
  • How to respond to concerns and what to do in the event of a disclosure
  • Who to contact when there is a child protection concern
  • Fulfilling your “duty of care”
  • Safer practice and keeping children safe

A personalised and dated certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the Standard Child Safeguarding training course. Certificates can be downloaded in PDF format and printed at any time. Safeguarding course certificates remain valid for two years.

A valid safeguarding qualification is considered essential by our association for any instructor’s working with children or vulnerable adults.

You’ll need to be a BMABA registered member in order to use our martial arts DBS checks.

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