Well, this is starting to get embarrassing; we’ve been nominated as finalists for two more national awards…

Only Monday this week we were updating you on Giovanni’s latest nomination as a finalist to the FSB awards. Just a day before he attends the awards night for another entrepreneurial award he’s a finalist for, we’ve been nominated as finalists in not one but two categories through the Sports Business Awards 2019!

2019 has so far been an exceptional year for us. We’ve closed more ground in the less three months than we have in the whole of 2018 (we’ve got some exciting announcements to share on this, but will save that for another blog). In less than 6 months, we’ve been shortlisted as finalists, or have won 7 awards.  We were also just recently in the Telegraph, and have been interviewed for articles in other newspapers this week too. At last it seems our association’s dogged commitment to improving our industry is starting to get the recognition it deserves.
We’re named as the Sports Business Awards 2019 category finalists for Best Sports Governing body Initiative and Best Association Serving Sports. The former of the two is for our work on knife crime prevention, and our introduction of several pilot schemes (to be announced shortly). The latter is for our overall commitment to raising standards, improving access and regulating the martial arts market.
Giovanni isn’t available for a comment at the time of writing this (he’s actually busy today speaking with journalists about our work being done to prevent knife crime!) but we know he’s both shocked and appreciative of these further two nominations.
The awards night is due to be held in May 2019, so we’ll keep you posted on progress.
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