The BMABA Wins 2 More National Awards!

We’re unbelievably proud to announce that the BMABA has been awarded the GBI (Global Business Insight) 2019 awards for ‘Best Sporting Association’, and behalf of our Director Giovanni, ‘Best Sporting & Recreation Entrepreneur’.

Where do we even begin? Just over six years ago we opened our association to the martial arts industry for the first time. With just £20.00 of capital (£4.99 of which was spent on a domain name) and a solid vision, the BMABA was born. Less than a decade on (with absolutely no funding, sponsorship or investment) we’re picking up our third award in as many months. We’re absolutely thrilled.
In October 2018 we won Bronze at the Association Excellence Awards for ‘Best Sports Association’. This was achieved ahead of a number of fantastic Sport England funded organisations including English Lacrosse and Surfing England.  To find ourselves winning this same category in the Global Business Insight 2019 award is a superb privilege. We’re also thrilled to see Giovanni’s near-decade of hard work building the association up, pound by pound, member by member, translate into a superb ‘gong’.
Here’s what Giovanni, our Director, had to say about these two awards;
“Where to start!? We’re thrilled to be in receipt of these two outstanding and highly sort-after awards just a couple of months after our first award. It’s a true testimony to the hard work and dedication of everyone behind the scenes here at the BMABA, and to all of our members who have invested the energy, love and dedication into their membership and their teaching.
When the association was founded in 2012 we never could have imagined just how big of a splash we’d make. To say we’ve disrupted the industry is to put it mildly. These latest two awards, to add to the collection of certification and affiliations our association has already achieved, prove that you don’t need to come from high-society or money to make a difference; if you really believe in what you’re doing, you can forge ahead regardless.
I am not from money, or privilege – quite the opposite. It’s been an up-hill battle for us as an organisation to keep up with our growth without any funding, sponsorship, grants or investment. Constantly over the last five years we’ve seen other well funded NGBs copy our key schemes or membership provisions – often poorly – with no recognition or credit. To find ourselves now with several thousand members and with the out of industry – something I’m keen to stress as it shows it’s not awarded based on politics or egos of who’s who – awards starting to find their way to our door, clearly it’s an indication we’re making headway.
2019 is set to be a massive year for us. We have so much going on, and so many exciting new services, tools and initiatives to unveil. These awards are the ‘icing on the cake’ to what is going to be a superb year for an organisation that is now clearly unstoppable in the martial arts industry.
Thank you, sincerely, to all of our members for making us the superb, politics free governing body we are today.”
The Global Business Insight (GBI) magazine will be interviewing Giovanni on the association’s success in the upcoming magazine release, so we’ll be sure to share that with you.
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