Our New Portal Link Is Now Live

We’ve been busy working out how we can improve efficiency our end, to help speed up important things like instructor insurance purchases and student registrations. At present, our team need to use three or four separate systems to make this happen, however we’re very proud to announce that our new Portal Link is ready – and brings everything onto just the one, central system.

This is very exciting, as it will greatly speed up our ability to process students, instructor insurance, additional instructor registrations and more – quickly. Moreover, BMABA members will also now be able to get priority support from our office with questions and queries and guarantee your message goes straight to the top of the pile, beating the ten dozen other e-mails we receive from prospective members on a daily basis.

This new feature is available at no extra cost with all memberships, and will automatically be included.


We’re Replacing Student Analytics

Whilst it’s been a fantastic asset for our instructors over the last few years, technology changes quickly and so must we. Student analytics has now been retired and will instead be replaced with our portal link. This will not only enable instructors to see registered students details appearing up to 8 times faster after registration, but instructors will now be able to click through, drill down and explore all the information we hold for each student including grades, notes and medical information. Find Out More Below.


Explore Some Key Features

New Student Listings

Whilst the spreadsheet version student analytics details instructor’s have been used to using since 2015 have served their purpose, times are changing – for the better. Instructors will now find all student details listed in a fully sort able, easily managed list. Instructor’s can find a snap shot of key details on the main screen, and this can be easily sorted using the column headers so you can search by age, expiry first, registration dates and so on. This system being in place will help us speed up the student registration process by up to 800%.

Detailed Individual Records

Key feedback we received regarding the static spreadsheet version analytics is the lack of detailed information on each student. Previously, this was restricted to just one line of text with some basic registration details. This is now replaced with a full record for each individual student. Not only is all student information – including registrations, expiry, status, license numbers and so on visible, but instructor’s can also find additional information like grading notes, styles, grades and more too. Alongside this is a fully auditable update log, so BMABA members can see what’s been changed and when by our team here.

New Support Ticketing System

We really want to speed up our responsiveness to member’s queries and questions. The issue is, at present, e-mails can get buried below hundreds of other public enquiries. Our new secure ticketing system will ensure our members are offered absolute priority. These support requests are linked directly to a member’s account, and within our central CRM – so there’s no waiting for it to be picked up, and no waiting for our team to login to separate systems to answer either. Easily manage and monitor any number of on going requests, queries, questions and issues.

Responses & Details In One Place

No more searching through e-mails for responses, trying to work out what was said last. Our ticketing system will ensure members can always clearly see where a case has got to, and what’s been said. Not only that, member’s will have full disclosure over key information such as what Service Level Agreement (SLA) their membership has been assigned, and how long it’s been open for.

Where’s My Stuff?

Ever wondered where your license books have got to, or whether your recent student prints have been dispatched yet? Instructor’s are now plugged in directly to our dispatch log. See every item of documentation and post that’s assigned to you – where it is in the system, whether it’s been dispatched, what postal service it’s running with – and more. This allows member’s to remain ‘bang up to date’ with documentation, and to chase up anything needed desperately.


Detailed Membership & Insurance Information

We really want our member’s to remain in control of information, and to easily see what we hold on membership records, and whether or not it’s accurate and up to date. This is especially important if an instructor is using us for their instructor insurance. The new portal link will allow members to fully examine insurance policies and, soon, full membership details so instructors can be absolutely sure it’s correct and accurate.

Included in addition to the above are FAQ’s, Licensed Syllabuses, Invoices, Quotes and more from within the portal, plus we’ll be introducing new features and tools going forwards to improve it’s functionality further.

Why Now, What’s Next & How Do I Get Access?

We’ve been hoping to introduce this system link for some time, so we’re thrilled to be able to push ahead with it’s BETA phasing now we’re confident it’s secure and fully operational. We’ll be making several improvements to the portal over the coming months to help you get the most from it, but for now it’s an interactive tool for your support needs, and a superb information source for a range of other things too.

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