The All-New BMABA Is Unveiled

The BMABA has achieved alot in 5 years.

From an association founded with just £10 of capital and a single club through to the many thousands of instructors and students now engaged with some of the industry’s finest certification licensing and insurance – it’s been a busy time.

In June 2016 we launched My.BMABA. At the time, this was massive. A new crest-styled logo, new instructor’s area and a new public facing website went live. It was a massive success and catapulted us forwards ever more.

Within three hours of My.BMABA launching we were looking ahead at what needed to happen next. The big changes and improvements we’d made already seemed like the start of something much bigger. When you have an active website and platform with tens of thousands of people visiting and interacting on a daily basis you have to be very careful about big changes – we learnt this many years ago and have always ‘walked carefully’ in this respect. In order to utilise new technology available to us from September 2016 – thanks entirely to self investment – we needed to start work on an all-new website for our instructors. Working on a completely new, non-public facing platform allowed us to explore new technologies and styles on a level we just couldn’t have done if we worked with the already-live member’s area and public website. The decision and workload involved in switching websites is absolutely massive, but on reflection it’s the best decision we’ve ever made. Our new member’s area and public facing websites have never been so well designed, and so packed full of useful interactive features. We decided this should be coincided with a new front facing website and an entirely new brand image – plus an update to our logo too.

Whilst the fundamental principles we’ve followed from day one remain true; no politics, as little red tape as possible and the ability for instructors to run their clubs without interference – the all-new BMABA launched on 29th September 2017 offers something better.

It’s a complete overhaul of our processes, websites, technology and branding. We’ve improved the best we had and stripped out the services and processes that didn’t work well. A completely new engine now powers our association – a bespoke CRM that gives us more intelligence than ever before. It’s an immensely exciting time.

All documentation, insurance and certification issued prior to October 2017 still remains active and very much effective. Going forwards our new branding will be used on documentation and our new websites will welcome the many thousands of existing and new members.

If you’re a BMABA registered instructor, you can find see our instructor’s press release and gain access to our brand new member’s area from here.


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