New BMABA License Books Unveiled

Student license books are, to many who practice martial arts, near sacred. It records your every grade, assessment, seminar and competition. Many of us – especially those from traditional backgrounds – retain these little books for decades.

For this reason we’ve always insisted to date on only providing properly bound, leather hard-cover license books to help them stand the test of time. Since 2013 when our first books were released, we haven’t done much to the somewhat proven design, until now.

Along with the major rebranding of our organisation in October 2017, we’ve sat down to redesign our student grading books. The changes are only subtle – mostly design based – to help the books withstand the test of time. We’ve kept the structure ‘as was’ to ensure continuity for clubs and students.

Most notable is the newly designed front cover;

New License Books

LEFT: 2018 New Design, RIGHT: 2013 Original Book Design



The interior of books has also been revamped, but the structure remains unchanged to ensure continuity.

Inside the pages now have the BMABA logo as a background watermark, to help improve security. Fonts have been updated to match our assocation’s branding and you’ll find a re-worded inner section too.

New License Books

LEFT: New Design Book, RIGHT: Old Design Book


Below are just a couple of examples of the new inner-design;

BMABA Grading BookBMABA Grading Book



Instructors can order license books freely from within the instructor’s portal. 

Instructor’s Hub Shop



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