Challenge Us To Beat Your Renewal Costs

We’ve been helping clubs and instructors since 2012.

And we’d like you to see what we can do for you, too.

How does it work, and what’s on offer?

1.) Tell us when you’re due to renew, and what it will cost.

First things first, tell us using our secure online form when you’re due to renew your membership and/or insurance, and what it’s going to cost you.


2.) We’ll try and beat it. 9/10 times we will.

Our prices are competitive and flexible. We’re keen to bring as many new members on as we can, so we’ll do what we can to beat your existing costs and renewal fees on a like-for-like basis. In most cases, we’ll succeed.


3.) You can take it or leave it. No pressure.

Whether or not you decide to try us out, you’ll atleast know what the available prices and membership/insurance options are, so you can make an informed decision. No pressure or hard-sells – we’ll let you make your mind up.


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We want you to join our organisation because we’re confident we have the resources, experience and vision to offer you and your club something special. We know it’s a big decision and understand cost is a big influencing factor too. To help clubs feel more comfortable taking the plunge, we’ll try and price match any like for like renewal / registration quote so you don’t end up paying out more. Simple.

What about my insurances?

Through our specialist group cover policy we can provide both instructor insurance and student insurance. If you’re looking to try us out against your existing insurer or an association with insurance, that’s fine – we can quote and we can be competitive.

How big does my club need to be?

There’s no requirement. Whether it’s just you starting out and shopping around for the best organisation to join, or whether you have three hundred students and two dozen instructors – we’re happy to quote.

Are there any conditions?

The only requirement is that you must be able to present us with the quote or proof of costing from whatever insurer or association you’re asking us to beat. This could be a quote in writing, an e-mail or just a website URL. So long as the price you’re asking us to beat is like for like, we’ll take you up on the challenge. There’s no other conditions.

Challenge us to do you a better deal.