BMABA.ORG Gains EV SSL Certification & McAfee SECURE certification

We’ve always taken the security of our websites seriously. From building robust and industry leading websites through to our insistence on breach insurance and proper firewalls to help us bounce hackers, ensuring our website is as close to impenetrable as possible is a key concern.

We’ve had SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection since 2013, long before it was ‘the norm’ and long before just about every other competitor of ours. Whilst this means our website has been secure, and offered a secure connection between you and our servers for many years, we’re very proud to now be sporting the coveted EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer) as well as McAfee Secure Certification.

What is EV SSL, and what does it mean?

Any website owner can purchase a standard SSL certificate. It’ll show a green padlock icon, and the usual ‘http://’ will be replaced by ‘https://’. This shows the connection between you and the website’s server is secure and this helps protect you when sharing personal information or financial details. What makes an EV SSL so special is that it includes a robust and protracted vetting application first, in which we (as an organisation) must be able to confirm via third party, independent sources;

  • That we are legally owners of this domain (bmaba.org)
  • That our company is legally registered, and confirmation of the registration details, addresses, directors etc is required
  • That we are effectively ‘who we say we are’.
  • That our telephone number is genuinely owned by our organisation
  • That we’re recognised as a reputable organisation in our own right, with third party sources, and that all of our addresses can be verified as legitimate places of business

For you as a ‘consumer’ it means not only is your connection between our website and you secure, you can be absolutely assured we are who we say we are – and the McAfee SECURE Certification backs this up.

How Do I Know BMABA Has EV SSL & Who Else Has This?

Look at your browser’s URL bar. The standard green padlock is gone, and it’s replaced by the coveted green address bar. This is the same green address bar you’re probably familiar seeing only on very secure, professional websites – such as your bank or credit card provider’s websites.

This is how a typical SSL certificate shows

This is how our specialist EV SSL certificate shows


We’ve done some digging around, and at the time of writing we are the only martial arts association in the United Kingdom to have EV SSL certification in place. Only a tiny fraction of companies will ever have this coveted level of protection active, so we’re very proud to have made it through the vetting process.

If you click on the McAfee certificate at the bottom right of the screen, their independent service will confirm we are who we say we are, and that our site is both secure & virus free.

This means you’re safe to share important or confidential information with us online. Click below to see our independent McAfee security certificate page.



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