5 Ways BMABA Certificates Can Be Confirmed As Genuine

Being an industry leader in a certain field is something to celebrate, but unfortunately it can lead to attempts by those not eligible to join to try and use the BMABA name in their favour.

Whilst most instances will be innocent mistakes, it’s important to our association that genuine BMABA issued documents can be easily and quickly identified as such. Here are five ways we lead the industry with our specialist (and now entirely in-house) printing.

BMABA Certificate Martial Arts

Paper Type

We don’t issue official documentation on cheap, home-bought paper. Every official piece of BMABA documentation is currently issued on a minimum 220gsm specialist woven paper. To touch, it feels slightly waxy. This specialist paper means the ink from our commercial printers is properly spread into the grain of the paper. This not only produces a rich and beautiful print finish, but also makes any changes to the original print very easily visible.

BMABA Security Code

BMABA Holographic Security Seal

As of October 20th 2017 all BMABA issued documents (for instructors only, not students) will include a special BMABA security seal. When the paper is moved the seal will change colour and reveals a number of security elements, such as wording and patterns. If this seal is removed from the paper it will leave a honeycomb pattern on the paper and the seal it’s self will be completely ruined.

BMABA Security

Embossed Foils

We’ve been using security foils for a number of years now, and since 2016 this has been enhanced with the official BMABA embossed wording. Running your fingers over the foil, you’ll be able to feel the embossed text. Roll the paper over and you’ll see the indentation on the paper too.

BMABA Signed Stamp

Signatures & Stamps

Every official Instructor certificate will come with a BMABA Genuine stamp-mark. This is usually (but not always) signed by one of the executive team too.

BMABA Serial

National Records Database

Since 2014 we’ve had a national records database that allows you to check on the authenticity of any document or instructor in real-time, against our national records. Regardless of on-print security, there is no cheating the online system too. Visit http://bmaba.org/verify to check up on documentation issued, or the validity of any instructor’s status.

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